Atxondo, Abadiño, Berriz, Durango, Elorrio, Iurreta, Izurtza, Mañaria and Zaldibar are some of the towns which make up our region. As in many countries, several languages are spoken in the Basque Country, Basque being the local language.

We know how difficult it is to adapt to another country, and want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. That’s why we invite you to learn a bit of our language, Basque. You will find information about the different options to learn Basque on the websites or telephone numbers listed below.

• AISA courses: The aim of these welcome courses is to encourage immigrants to learn Basque. Welcome courses focusing on this language are organised across Durangaldea and other municipalities. Despite being very short, these courses enable participants to make their first contact with Basque. If you meet the enrolment requirements set by each particular town, you might take these courses for free*.

>WHERE: Durango, Elorrio, Zaldibar and Berriz.
*A 20€ deposit will be charged. This deposit will be returned if you attend 80% of the lessons.

• Reinforcement courses for PE students: These courses are aimed at primary school children who have come from abroad or other Spanish autonomous communities and who currently live and study in Durangaldea.

Goals: To help children learn Basque or to deepen their knowledge of this language. We lay particular emphasis on spoken language; we want to increase the use of Basque outside the school and engage in intercultural relations by means of Basque language and culture.

>WHERE: Berriz and Durango.